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Economic, easy-to-use filtration for better quality!!
Simple filtration device for chrome plating


There is a problem that impurities in the plating solution cause many defects.
Why don't you try using "My Filter"?
Impurity concentration will be reduced and the quality will be improved also the cost can be reduced!
It is a bag type filter, and the filtration accuracy can be selected from microfiltration to coarse filtration.



Isn't it difficult to clean and maintain?
Cleaning inside the vessel is unnecessary and does not take your time.

In addition, the filter bag is not bulky after use, can be reduced disposal costs!



There are many plating tanks, what should I do?
There are three types of "My Filter" according to the size of the plating tank.
It is ideal to  always filter in each tank, but there is also a mobile type, so there is a way to filter one by  one!



Oh, I see. The frequency of plating solution replacement will be decreased you mean!
In the long run, industrial waste costs can also be reduced!