5-86, Motohama-cho, Amagasaki 660-0085 Japan Tel +81-6-6417-4001 / Fax +81-6-6419-1775

Company Profile

■Date founded : April 17, 1927
■Date established : April 10, 1944
■Capital : \30,000,000
■No. of Employees: 22
■Location : 5-86, Motohama-cho,
 Amagasaki 660-0085 Japan
 Tel +81-6-6417-4001  Fax +81-6-6419-1775
 E-mail tk.giken@giken.tk
 URL https://www.giken.tk
■Representative : President Hikaru Furuichi
■Bank Accounts :
 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 
 MUFG Bank
 Amagasaki Credit Association

■Life of Business :
・Chromium-plating for industrial use
・”SPACHROMCOAT” coating process
・Various types of surface treatments process
・”PINHOLE INLAY”, pinhole - filling machine
・”SPANODES”, highly efficient anodes for chromium-plating
・”MY FILTER”, a simple Liquid - filtration system
・”MAGNEBAR”, metal powder remover
・Sales of grinders and various other types of surface-treatment products
[Special Items]
・”MARKPEN” for textile processing