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Pinhole Inlay

Fill and repair pinholes and scratches!!
Metal melting/filing machine
I'm in trouble because of small pinhole appears.
Can this machine be repaired? Isn't it difficult to use?
"Pinhole inlay" does not require a license
and anyone can easily repair it!
If you fix it with a welding machine, it will be distorted, right?
No remaining defects or distortions
because it repairs the minimum area with pinpoint
by electrical resistance heat!
What kind of material can be used?
Mainly any iron-based metal can be used! Unfortunately,
it cannot be used for non-ferrous metals such as copper,
aluminum and etc.
Can thin boards be repaired?
It is possible if the thickness is 3 to 4 mm!
Are there no filling marks left?

After polishing, it is difficult to even tell that the part was repaired.
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