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Excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance!
Highly efficient anodes for chromium-plating
How is "Spanode" different from a general anode?
Common anodes are mainly binary alloys of lead and tin,
"Spanode" is a ternary alloy that has almost 
no  elongation  and long life.
Does it bend or warp?
Since a polished iron core is inserted into the entire length by a special manufacturing method, there is almost no bending warpage.
Also, due to the press fit, the lead tube and the iron core are in close contact with each other, and the electrical conductivity is good, so there is a power saving effect!
Why do you adopt the flower shape for the anode?
Because the surface area is large and the current flows from the entire surface!
Can you make complicated hooks or long hooks?
Of course! Thickness and length can be freely set according
to the size of the plating tank  and the load current!
Can it be used for high-speed baths and fluoride baths?
We will propose the optimal one such as changing
the alloy proportion according to the type of plating solution!
"Tokushu Giken" is a plating company isn't it?
Yes, we are! Anodes are made by our plating company!
We continue to develop and improve,
aiming for better products with the wisdom of the field!
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