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For more than 90 years since its founding in 1927, we specialize in industrial chrome plating processing, sincerely tackle the problems of surface treatment that are indispensable in various industrial fields, study the technology and modernize the equipment adapted to the environment. We are working hard to develop new technologies in response to the diversification of metal materials and the sophistication of processing technology.
From the importance of the materials and equipment cultivated during the plating process, we aspire to "product uniqueness" and "supply of truly superior products", and manufacture surface treatment equipment. We are also agents of related products. In addition, we manufacture and sell textile marking materials that have the only chemical resistance, heat resistance, and dye resistance that are not related to plating, and contribute to the textile processing industry. With the motto of "From processing to equipment sales", we will meet a wide range of industrial needs with a total power to the coming 100th anniversary and looking ahead to the future.

President     Hikaru Furuichi